Synchronous generators OME are made of a rotor, the mobile part, equipped with magnetic poles, the polar expansions equal in number, between 2 and 20. On these, there are two mutually opposite windings which serve to generate the two poles of the field magnetic.
These windings are fed by a DC current derived from an external battery connected by means of sliding contacts, called brushes. A pair of polar expansions takes the name of polar pair. The fixed part takes the name of the stator and on it there are the windings where the voltage is generated.
Synchronous generators work when each pole becomes the seat of a magnetic flux coming out of the north pole and through the stator windings and closes in the south pole of each polar pair. By causing rotation of the rotor the magnetic field generated by the polar pairs arises also in motion, and thus becomes a rotating magnetic field, that is variable in the space occupied by the stator windings.


OME synchronous motors are electric motors in alternating current whose speed of rotation is synchronized with the electrical frequency. They are three-phase electric motors, but  in synchronous motors of small power supply, the power is supplied through the single-phase voltage available in homes.
The synchronous motors consist of a rotor where there are several magnetic poles with alternating polarity, created by permanent magnets or Electromagnets powered by direct current and a stator on which the windings of the power supply circuit are present.
The polar expansions of the stator creates a rotating magnetic field that pulls the polar expansions of the rotor. The use of synchronous motors is limited to fields of application where  a particularly precise and stable rotation speed is required.

Brushless, Synchronous AC Altenator, Easy operation and simple maintenance.
– IP23, Insulation Class H Alternator
– Usage: as a electric power source matching diesel engines for lighting purpose in town, countryside
– Drip-proof typ
– 3 phase 4 wripe type, Star connection
– 50HZ, 380V, 1500RPM as standard, also 60HZ can be made as customers’ requirement
– Certificate: CE/ISO 9001


Generatori sincroni- Synchronous generators