The new OME IE2 motors (High Efficiency) enable high energy savings and contribute to environmental friendliness.
The modular design concept offers a high degree of flexibility: each motor is based on a uniform concept that applies to all world markets.
The standard OME electric motors are asynchronous closed type, with external ventilation and squirrel cage rotor.


All OME electric motors have the following features as standard:
– They are equipped with double tropicalization made under vacuum.
– They are in insulation class F.
– They have a degree of protection IP 65.
– They have a range of sizes between 56 and 450.
– From size 56 to 132 are cast aluminum, over 132 are in cast iron.
– On request OME can produce motor sizes 160 and 180 in aluminum.
– They have a standard temperature range between -15 ° C and + 45 ° C. And upon customer’s request, up to 55°C for desert environment.
– They have PTC thermal probes to 130 ° C on the three phases from size 56 to 132 and PTC & KLIXON from size 160 to 450.
– They have up to size 225 2RS SKF bearings .
– They have greasers with open bearings SKF from size 250 to 450.
– They have roller bearing in front from size 250 excluding the two poles.
– They have front and rear bearings mechanically locked to the shaft.
– They have terminal blocks on the upper part of the motor with insulation IP 65.
– Epoxy paint, done in the oven drying, with standard color gray RAL 7030 RoHS compliant.
– They have multi-voltage and multi-Volt 230 / 400-280 / 480 Volt and 400 / 690-480 / 830 50/60 Hz.
– They work in continuous service S1.
– They are suitable for use at altitudes not exceeding 1000 meters above sea level. but can also be supplied on request up to 2000 m.
– They are individually tested with test-load and load.