LED Street Lighting

/LED Street Lighting

The LED Street lights adopt Cree power LED chips, comparing to traditional light sources, LED lighting can deliver longer life, enhanced energy efficiency, greater eco-friendliness, lowered maintenance demands and equal or better quality of light.

The products are widely used in streets, tunnels, etc, especially for environment where longer lamp life is required, energy is in shortage and expensive. Longer lamp life provides desirable maintenance cost savings and return on investment through the use of fewer luminaires, circuits and apparatus.
The rated power covers from 80 to 280W, applied for height 8-25m.

GLD350 Street Lighting

GLD350 series of LED street lights use a fourth-generation solid-state LED light source which is maintenance-free, energy saving, and has the advantages of high efficiency, environmental protection, and longevity. FEATURES • Modular pluggable technology, too-free onsite maintenance; • Honeycomb and whole structure cooling technology, high efficient heat dissipation; • Non-wire eutectic soldering; [...]

January 4th, 2017|LED Street Lighting|

GLD290S LED Street Lamp 80-280W

LED Steet Lamp GLD290 series are built to perform effectively and economically in areas that may be difficult to service, expensive to shut down, or any location requiring an increased degree of safety. Compared with conventional lighting, LED Lighting consume up to 85% less energy and typically last as long as 60,000 [...]

January 4th, 2017|LED Street Lighting|