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The LED Commercial Lighting adopts high quality power LED, comparing to traditional light sources, LED lighting can deliver longer life, enhanced energy efficiency, greater eco-friendliness, lowered maintenance demands and equal or better quality of light.

The products are widely used in offices, supermarkets, schools, hospitals, etc, especially for environment where longer lamp life is required, energy is in shortage and expensive. Longer lamp life provides desirable maintenance cost savings and return on investment through the use of fewer luminaires, circuits and apparatus.

SLD10 Series LED Fluorescent Lighting

The SLD10 series lighting adopts the latest LED technology, digital appearance designing, scientific heat sink structure and anti-glare designing, with features of high light efficiency, low luminance decrease, energy-efficient, environmental-friendly, etc. FEATURES -High quality power LED, service life over 60,000 hours -Aluminum housing with anodic coating -Multi-length for choice -Anti-glare designing -Multi-installation [...]

January 4th, 2017|LED Commerical Lighting|


The SLD70 solar LED lamp system consists of solar panel, multi-function junction box, LED bulb with rechargeable battery and intelligent remote control. The lamp can be lighting for over 5 hours after fully charged in short time. Besides, the junction box has charging indictor, shows charging status. FEATURES - Use solar energy, [...]

January 4th, 2017|LED Commerical Lighting|