BLD280S Ex-Proof Stainless Steel LED Linear Light

Light source:LED tube

Housing Material: Stainless steel

Application: Zone1& Zone2

1. The stainless steel housing allows use the lighting fittings in industries with extra aggressive media.
Stainless steel is one of the most chemically resistant materials.

2. Application of LED tube can increase the lamp service life, reducing servicing costs.

3. Possible to install an emergency control unit with a battery.

4. Two housing dimensions depending on the lamp power (2×10, 2×20).

5. Protective glass – toughened, extra strong, with light transmittance.


Widely used in distribution room, boiler room, control room, corridor, trestle, factory building, pump room, offshore platform, etc. Widely used in harsh and hazardous environments of petrochemical industry, oil field, electric power, railway, metallurgy, fire protection, military industry, ship, dock, port, oil platform, cruise ship.

Installation Zone 1 – Zone 2 (Gas) & Zone 21 – Zone 22 (Dust)
Standards IEC60079
Ex-mark Ex eq II T6 Gb/ExtⅢBT85℃ Db
Rated Voltage AC100-277V 50/60Hz
Housing Type I II
Rated Wattage(W) 1X10 2X10 1X20 2X20
Luminous Flux(LM) 1300 2600 2600 5200
Color Temperature 3000/5000/6500K
IP Grade IP66
Ambient temperature -40°C~ +55°
Cable Entry M25X1.5(2pcs), cable dia 10-14mm
Terminals 3x(1,5-2,5) mm or 3x(1,5-4)mm2(L+N+PE)
Holder G13, double-pin
Installation Ceiling/Chain/Hook
Weight(kg) 5.5 9.75

Color temperature partition range: white light (5028±283K).

Measuring error of optics and electrical property is controlled within ±8%.

The specification is subject to light source supplier’s specification, for it is easily changed by processing.