Trade Safe Technologies Ltd. is a company mainly positioned in the oil and gas industry, chemical and water sectors, and is able to supply equipment and spare parts for operational maintenance, automation and modernization.

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SHANGHAI QINSUN ELECTRIC CO., LTD. LTD China ( ) – the most innovative company in the field of LED explosion-proof lighting, considered as an innovator and leader in the same field. It can offer a full range of LED solutions for industrial users.

OME Electric Motors ( ) – a company specializing in the design and manufacture of electric motors for various industrial applications. From the simple production of standard engines, the company is now able to design and manufacture highly modified engines to meet the wide variety of customer requirements and needs in the global market.

T.D. Williamson ( )  – More than ninety years customer-driven company, T.D. Williamson mission is to optimize the throughput, integrity, safety and service life  of pressurized piping systems. Company is specialized in Hot tapping and plugging services, SmartPlug® in-line isolation, Pigging technologies and In-line inspection services.